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For PPR to fly into Old Warden call 01767 627901 (09:30-17:00) or email shop@shuttleworth.org. You must receive a reply to confirm PPR approval. On Display and Event Days you can call the tower direct on 01767 627918.

Airfield Information and the airfield status is available on the Shuttleworth website Airfield Information. Please also read the Pilots’ Terms & Conditions linked from that page.

Old Warden AIP Entry

Please ensure you check the latest NOTAMs for Old Warden on the NATS-EAD website

Note: For the 2019 Season Restricted Airspace (Temporary) will be in force for each Sunday and Saturday Evening Air Displays plus the Flying Proms. This will be promulgated by NOTAM.

Aeronautical Information Circular for Old Warden (Y 006/2019)

Restricted Airspace (Temporary) (M 019/2019)