Sunday, 7 August 2022:
Join us on Sunday 7th August for our Family Airshow. If you would like to fly-in to spectate please e-mail the airfield manager via For further details for this event please refer to the Shuttleworth Events Page:

For additional Aerodrome Information and Runway Physical characteristics etc. please refer to the UK AIP Old Warden Aerodrome entry.

The airfield is currently OPEN to visiting aircraft.

Summer Opening Hours (15 February – 31 October): 10.00 – 17.00 (last entry is at 16.30).
Winter Opening Hours (1 November –  13 February): 10.00 – 16.00 (last entry is at 15.30).

Shuttleworth (Old Warden) is a private, unlicensed (except for Event days) aerodrome, situated in a rural area. The airfield is not inspected daily, the maneuvering area is uneven and there can be areas of soft ground, so please exercise caution.

All powered, fixed wing and flex wing GA and microlight types (excluding Paramotors) as well as rotorcraft are welcome.

Airfield Condition:

The main runway 02/20 is firm as are most of the taxiways. Standing water and softer patches of ground may appear after prolonged or heavy rain.

Confine all movements to the mown areas.

Airfield Activities:

The airfield is only licensed and the radio (A/G or AFISO) manned during Event days, approx. 20 days per year. These are primarily airshows days (approx. 15 days per year between May and October) and Fly-ins.

Note that on Airshow days a Restricted Area (Temporary) RAT will be in force beyond the ATZ, normally up to 3nm and 3500ft.

The airfield is also closed for a number of weekends during the year when model aircraft events are held. PPR will not be available for those days.

The majority of the time the airfield operates ‘unmanned’ however, it is monitored and can be quite busy with the following activities regularly taking place:

  • Model aircraft flying
  • Vintage & Non-radio aircraft movements, practice displays, aerobatics, formation flights, test flights, etc.
  • Visitor aircraft and Based aircraft movements
  • Airfield maintenance

Arrival Information:

All visiting Aircraft must have received PPR confirmation by email.

Radio Frequency 130.705 Mhz. When the ATZ is activated make appropriate calls to A/G, Information as required. At all other time when ‘unmanned’ make blind calls to ‘Old Warden Traffic’.

Unless approved by the Air/Ground and/or AFISO Operator (when manned), all aircraft must complete a standard overhead join at 1800 feet above aerodrome level and a full visual circuit before landing, making blind transmissions as appropriate. This is essential to allow you to assess the wind conditions, look out for other aircraft in the circuit, to allow model aircraft to land safely and so you can look carefully for aircraft carrying out Displays practices, airfield maintenance activity etc. 

Note: Most of the Collection aircraft operate non-radio. It is a condition of the use of Shuttleworth airfield that all aircraft must give way and stay well clear of any aircraft carrying out Display practices at the airfield.

Non-radio aircraft are permitted but must be extra vigilant especially when approaching the overhead as dynamic practice displays and aerobatics may be being performed in the overhead.

Circuits and Runways in use:

Only the main runway 02/20 is available to visiting aircraft however all runways and airfield surfaces may be in use by resident aircraft. When operating ‘unmanned’, visiting pilots must assess the wind conditions and circuit traffic before making their own mind up as to which runway is appropriate to use. In general, in no wind or 90deg cross wind conditions runway 20 is preferred for landing due to the slight up slope.

All circuits are to the East. LH for Rwy 20 and RH for Rwy 02

Circuit Height is 800ft AGL.  However, keep a look out for based vintage aircraft using a tight, oval, circuit at approx. 500ft with a continuous ‘finals’ turn from the downwind leg to land.

Visiting aircraft are strictly not permitted to carry out multiple/training circuits, touch and go’s or multiple flights in and out of the aerodrome without the written permission of the airfield management.

Noise abatement:

We have very good relations with our neighbours so please help us keep it that way. Avoid over flying all villages in the circuit area. As other traffic & pilot/aircraft ability allows, please make either a ‘tight’ circuit inside the villages to the east of the airfield or a longer circuit around them. Look out for other aircraft on alternative circuits especially when turning finals to land.

Please do not directly overfly the Collection hangars (on the West of the airfield), Swiss Gardens (behind the Collection hangars) or Mansion house when joining the circuit.

Parking & Booking in:

Please park clear off ALL the runways and adjacent to the fence line between the Tower and the Fuel Kiosk or to the south of the Tower (see map below).

On Event days when the tower is manned please book in and pay your fees at the base of the tower.

On all other days please fill in the movements log in the wooden hut behind the Fuel Kiosk. Please place your £10 landing fee in the envelopes provided, mark it with your Regn and place it in the honesty box provided. Please bring cash for the fee however in extremis the landing fee may be paid in the Collection shop (please annotate the movements book accordingly).

Currently the rest of the site takes card payment only.

Airfield Facilities:

100LL and UL91 fuel is available from our self-service, pay-at-the-pumps fuel kiosk. This takes all major cards and is as simple to use, essentially just the same as forecourt petrol pumps.

Current fuel Price (subject to change without prior warning):

100LL =       £2.83 per litre Inc VAT

UL91 =        £2.71 per litre Inc VAT

A step ladder is available in the fuel pump kiosk or the booking in hut for use at your own risk.

Site Facilities & Attractions:

Onsite is the world famous Shuttleworth Collection of airworthy vintage aircraft and working vehicles, Regency Swiss Garden and the Shuttleworth House – a grade ll* Victorian mansion. Also on-site we have the Woodland and Shrubbery Walks, Summer House and Lakeside Parkland. 60 acres in all!

For children, we have a large play area, trails in the garden and acres of space to run around making it arguably the best family airfield to fly into in the country.

There is an on site Café (with additional seasonal catering pods on busy days and event days) and Gift Shop with plenty of tables and chairs to sit at outside.

The landing fee grants you and you passengers free access to the attractions (normal fee is £15 per adult) on non-event days. However, we do ask you make an additional appropriate donation in the Collection shop for your passengers if you have come to visit the attractions.

Overnight Parking:

Overnight parking is available a £12 per night see PPR page for further details.

Note that the airfield is not monitored outside visitor opening hours and the Trust cannot accept any liability for damaged or stolen property. At all times aircraft are parked here at your own risk.


PPR (mandatory) through our automated PPR booking system – please go to the PPR tabs above.