This website is about the aerodrome at Old Warden. For details about the Shuttleworth Collection, events, opening times and to book tickets please visit

On 31 Dec 2020 support for Adobe Flash is being withdrawn. The Live Weather page has been changed to run a non-Flash system. If you have previously bookmarked the old page please change to the new one. Note that to change the units of the data you see click on the appropriate button at the bottom of the display. This will now work on iDevices.

Restricted Airspace (Temporary) will be in force for all Sunday day displays and Saturday evening displays, plus the Flying Proms. See Airfield Information page.

Please use our automated PPR Booking System. If you cannot use the automated system or you wish to request overnight parking then please call 01767 627901. However, please note that due to staff shortages this line may not be monitored all the time.