Shuttleworth (Old Warden) is a private, unlicensed aerodrome, situated in a rural area. The airfield is not inspected daily and the manoeuvring area is uneven, so please exercise caution. Airfield Information can be obtained at NATS Aeronautical Information Service and NOTAMS.


All pilots use the aerodrome at their own risk and must PPR by clicking on the link below. If you do experience difficulties then call 01767 627 901. However, this telephone is not necessarily manned at all times.

Prior to booking PPR, it is assumed that the Shuttleworth terms and conditions (please read) are accepted.

Sunday, 23 June 2024:
Please note our next event is Shuttleworth’s Festival of Flight three day weekend from Friday 28th – Sunday 30th June.

To fly-in for this event PPR shall be gained prior to the event by contacting the airfield manager on 07875 028 876 or e-mailing a request to The Airfield Manager
Please note you will need to have purchased an event ticket for the day you are visiting, or the whole weekend, more details on the Shuttleworth Event Page.

Please note: that you can only book up to 24hrs in advance; the slots are divided into half-hour sections with 6 slots in each half-hour and there is a maximum of 40 slots available per day. Therefore, although it may seem there is still capacity, we may already be full. Please enjoy your visit.

After making your booking, you will be directed to the Airfield Arrival Information Page along with a confirmation email. Please take careful note of all of the details in this page.